Breakfast is closed Tuesdays. 


*Classic Sandwich- two fried eggs, American cheese and your choice of meat on a roll $5.00

eggs and meat on a roll $ 4.00

eggs and cheese on a roll $3.50

eggs on a roll $3.00

* Salivar's Platter- two eggs any style with toast and home fries $6.00

with meat $7.50

* Viking- two pancakes, two eggs any style and two pieces of breakfast meat $7.00

Bowl of Oatmeal- served with brown sugar, cream, toasted coconut, nuts and cranberries $ 7.00

Yogurt- with homemade granola $7.00

                With fruit $8.00

*Eggs Benedict- classic style, two poached eggs, Canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce $11.00

*Hook, Line & Sinker- 8 oz. bacon cheeseburger atop a hash brown with one over easy egg on top $9.00

*The Whole Enchilada- two tortillas with scrambled eggs, cheddar and salsa topped with sour cream & avocado $9.00

*Monte Cristo- stuffed French toast with ham and swiss cheese $8.00

                With two eggs $9.00


OMLETTES: (Served with home fries and toast)

*Fab Four- bacon, sausage, ham and American cheese $9.00

*3 Amigos- mushroom, onion and swiss $9.00

*Great White- egg whites with spinach, tomato and swiss $9.00

*Western- pepper, onion, ham and American $9.00

*Mediterranean- spinach and feta

*Green Eggs & Ham- arugala, goat cheese and Canadian bacon



Pancakes (3) $7.00

Short Stack (2) $5.00

Blueberry Pancakes (3) $8.00

Blueberry Short Stack (2) $6.00

Chocolate Chip Pancakes (3) $8.00

Chocolate Chip Short Stack (2) $6.00

French Toast $7.00

                With your choice of meat add $3.00